Our Community & Culture


St Joseph’s Primary values the partnerships between students, families, businesses and schools in our broader community as it can bring mutual benefits and maximise student engagement and achievement.

We network with:

  • Our Lady of the Rosary Parish
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Alstonville Rotary
  • Quota Club of Alstonville.

We organise school events and take part in community events that provide opportunities to showcase students’ talents, raise awareness for local issues, and extend social networks. These events can help to create a more cohesive community. 

At St Joseph’s, we encourage your family to share these experiences with your child.

  • Alstonville Agricultural Show
  • ANZAC Day
  • Family Day Celebrations
  • World Day of Prayer 
  • Clean Up Australia Day.

Students belong to three house teams that promote connections to our Catholic story and a deeper sense of belonging.  Houses are used for sporting events and some school events.

  • Dara (Yellow) - Named after one of the founding nuns of St Joseph’s Alstonville, Sister Dara, who later went on to be Principal (1933 - 1936). Sister Dara was also known for the animals she raised at the school, including cows, chickens and turkeys.
  • McCarthy (Red) - Named after Father Darcy McCarthy, the first Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Rosary (1981 - 1991). Fr McCarthy was also the creator of the famous ‘Fr Mac’s Heavenly Puddings,’ an endeavour he developed to financially support the school.
  • Cawley (Green) - Named after the Cawley family, one of the original families at St Joseph’s. The Cawley family was well known in the Alstonville area from its early settlement.
Our school patron is St Joseph, the patron of the Sisters of St Joseph, the founders of our school. St Joseph is the adoptive father of Jesus who, though silent in Scripture, speaks much to us in the way he loved and cared for the Holy Family.