St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Alstonville

Welcome and thank you for considering St Joseph’s Alstonville for your child’s education. At this school we provide a diverse environment in which children are encouraged to participate, discover their potential and meet challenges. All staff and parents work together in partnership to ensure our school can provide a contemporary learning journey for your child.

At St Joseph’s Alstonville we look to discover the potential within each of us. In addition, we strive to maintain a caring community:

  • a community where individuals are valued for their unique gifts and for the contributions they make.
  • a place where children and adults alike are free to express their views, entitled to feel safe and have fun into the bargain.
  • a place where many opportunities are offered.
Learning is the key focus at this school. Your child’s success at school, and happiness while here, are our core businesses.  These core businesses, your child’s success and happiness, are approached in a spirit of partnership between home and school. Together we make a difference. 
As Principal of St Joseph’s Alstonville I know you will enjoy being part of this community. I am available at any time to discuss questions you may have about starting out on the school journey with your child. We can organise a time to meet and show you our terrific school.

Therese Seymour

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    Welcome back to the new school year
    by Therese SEYMOUR - Friday, 30 January 2015, 4:48 PM


    Our Kinder 2015 students begin school on Tuesday3td February.

     If you are free we invite any parents to join us for a cuppa in the staffroom that morning- meet the new families, enjoy a cuppa before you head off for the day.

    Looking forward to seeing you all.....

    Our Parent Information Night will be held on Tuesday 10th February commencing at 6pm in the Hall. Please join us for this vital information and getting-to-know-you night.


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    Open Classrooms
    by Rosalind Kingsford - Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 10:01 AM