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Stage 1 fun at Circus Arts Byron Bay

Why did Stage 1 go to Byron Bay Circus Arts?

Corey from Stage 1 drew a clown which helped us win an art competition. We won the most Facebook votes to win a 2 hour workshop for a class. (Callum & Harmony)

When did Stage 1 go to Byron Bay Circus Arts?

Tuesday 23rd October. (Ella & Penny)


Alstonville Agricultural Show winners

Our school presented a truly wonderful display in the school section of the 2018 Alstonville Agricultural Show, taking out Champion School! Our display featured work from all stages including bee hotels, a forest of sloths, still life paintings, app design ideas, circus arts, butterflies and totems. Our choir performed for a great crowd on Friday, sounding fantastic as usual. A superb effort by everyone involved!


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