Wellbeing at St Joseph’s Alstonville is a support mechanism for all students. The staff work closely together to ensure all students are supported, but acknowledge there are times where extra support may be essential.

In times of grief and loss we offer the Seasons program. For students struggling with the social setting we provide guidance. For students who may require specific skills or encouragement we offer the Learning Assistance Program (LAP). Students are also assisted on the playground to understand how games work. The team who work to support our students are also happy to assist families where required.

We do not offer counselling, rather we hand that to experienced professionals for consistency and privacy of support. We are very happy to work with a variety of support team members including Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Sand Play Therapists and other supports for your child’s wellbeing.

If there is a concern you are invited to talk to staff to assist in organising support.