Staff Contacts

Staff Member 



Mrs Therese Seymour Principal
Miss Kasey Miles Assistant Principal/Curriculum Co-ordinator/Stage 1 Teacher
Mr Andrew Maslen Leader of Pedagogy
Mrs Libby Spash Leader of School Evangelisation/Stage 2 Teacher
Mrs Nikki Wagner Leader of Catechesis/Intervention/RFF Currently on leave
Mrs Lisa Donohoe Additional Needs Teacher/Early Stage 1 Teacher
Mrs Ros McElligott Early Stage 1 Teacher
Mr Paddy Wilde Early Stage 1 Teacher
Mrs Lisa Knight Early Stage 1 Enrichment Tutor
Miss Julia Boyle Stage 1 Teacher
Mrs Jan Seymour Stage 1 Teacher
Mrs Jennifer Slattery Stage 1 Enrichment Tutor
Miss Jessica Fitness Stage 2 Teacher/Sport Co-ordinator
Mr Victor Murgha Stage 2 Enrichment Tutor
Mr Phil Crosby Stage 3 Teacher
Mrs Nicole Wagland Stage 3 Teacher
Mrs Hermien Mellick Stage 3 Enrichment Tutor
Mrs Anna Moloney RFF & STEM
Mrs Margaret Lidbetter Intervention Teacher
Mrs Debbie McMahon Administration
Mrs Tanya Pagotto Administration
Mrs Patricia Steele Administration
Mrs Lyn Rowling Wellbeing & LAP
Ms Emma Thrum Canteen Manager
Mr John Fivaz Uniform Shop Manager
Ms Ros Kingsford Library Manager & Technology Officer