School Fees

St Joseph’s School Alstonville Tuition Fees

The school fees are set by the Parish Finance Council each November for the following year. The parents are then advised by letter from the Parish Priest. (Parish Finance Council Letter).

The Tuition fees for 2022, payable in advance over four terms, have been set at:

  • 1 child at St Joseph’s  $1160
  • 2 children at St Joseph’s  $2204
  • 3 children at St Joseph’s  $2958
  • 4 children or more at St Joseph’s $3248

Most book fees are included in this annual tuition fee.

Parish Building & Maintenance Levy

Each family will be levied annually to be used by the Parish to cover vital maintenance on parish/school buildings. Once the year begins this fee is payable in full for every family regardless of the length of enrolment. The levy is $680 per family for the year.

Additional School Fees

Information Technology fee $120 per student

This IT fee has been levied because of the growing need to provide quality technology to all school members. This fee is payable by the end of February.

Fundraising Levy fee $100 per family

This levy has been introduced by the Parish Finance Council and is supported by the parent body as discussed at Parish School Forum (PSF) meetings.

A full breakdown of fees is available from the Office.


Click here for suggested instalment amounts.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or bank transfer. We encourage you to telephone the school secretary to arrange weekly, fortnightly, monthly transfer payments.

Bank Transfer Details

Bank : Commonwealth

Branch : Lismore

BSB : 062-565

Account Number : 10075036

Please indicate on the bank documentation/internet site SURNAME, Student Name, fees or account number from our tax invoice.

Special Arrangements

Arrangements need to be made with the Principal each year for those who have special financial circumstances.

Catholic schooling heritage, fully endorsed at St. Joseph’s, is that no family should be deprived of their right to a Catholic education during times of financial hardship. Parents experiencing difficulty in meeting school financial commitments are required to contact the Principal.

Unfortunately fees that are not paid promptly or regularly place your child’s enrolment at jeopardy and recompense for outstanding fees will be sought.


There will be no refund of Fundraising Levy, Technology Fee or Parish Building & Maintenance Fund as these are due and payable regardless of length of enrolment.